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Why Choose A Green Retaining Wall Over a Traditional Retaining Wall?

A green retaining wall minimizes the impact of a needed structure.

A green wall reduces the "Heat Island" effect and associated energy consumption for heating and cooling by moderating fluctuations in temptures at and near the structure.

A green wall helps reduce surface water runoff and filters pollutants from the water and air around it.

A green wall is a key component in a sustainable development plan and signifies an awareness of the need to make a difference.

A green wall is cool on the eyes, reduces glare and increases productivity as it fosters a greater sense of well-being.   

Why Do Customers Choose Our System Over Other Systems?

Its the most complete and tested means to creat a "Green Retaining Wall", and can create  structures with variable set backs between 70 and 40 degrees of inclination.

Ability to build tall walls with thinner structural cross sections than any other system of blocks available. Green or not!

Wide variety of structural cross sections gives designers and owners more control over their site layout.

Thinner cross sections mean reduced over excavation and associated haul off of spoils while reducing haul in and compaction of select backfill.

A simple one block system with no need for inside and outside corner blocks or cap blocks to figure.  


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