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Perennial Plantlist

Most retaining walls have length and height and that's it. Once most walls are completed they will never look any different unless they crack, heave or bulge. Our walls have a living third dimension, which guarantees that they will always look different year after year and better with time. Be creative, we have seen many unusually planted walls that were beautiful!

The plants on this list are excellent choices for traditional soil-filled walls and have performed beautifully for our customers in the St. Louis area.

We have added some special notes to some of the plants on this list.

#1=Hardy ground cover with little maintenance
#2=Draught tolerant / Water conservation
#3=Wet wall applications
#4=Total wall coverage with no maintenance
#5=Suitable for use with blended media as module infill

Don't forget about color planting with annuals!

Perennials (Walls in Sun)
Perennials (Walls in Shade)
Vertical Gardening

The most economical wall planting!

Herbs (#2)
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